Mizuno Running Shoes 100 Years Of Running Shoe Te
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During the past 100 years, Mizuno running shoes have led the race in top-of-the-line footwear. Starting as a small shop in Osaka, the Mizuno brothers began manufacturing the best running shoes they possibly could. Their goal was to create the best running shoes in the world. In 1912, Japan participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, and Mizuno running shoes were primed to take off.

After Mizuno found success in Japan they decided to expand. The typical Mizuno running shoes review was fantastic, and in 1980, the brothers decided to expand their operation to the United States.They were a top contender when it came time for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain when athletes using Mizuno products won 72 medals. The Olympics were just the proving ground Mizuno needed.

Through the years, Mizuno has kept moving forward. In 1997, they released the patented Mizuno Wave technology. Mizuno's wave technology makes use of a wave plate, which provides excellent cushioning as it disperses the force of impact across a larger surface area. In fact, the Mizuno Wave Rider first won the coveted Editors' Choice award from Runner's World magazine in 1999.

Another sought after shoe is the Mizuno Wave Creation. The Mizuno Wave Creation won Runner's World awards in 2002, 2004 and 2006. One of the most popular and beloved of the Mizuno line, this shoe uses the newer Infinity Wave technology, which provides superior cushioning, transition and durability. Throughout the years, this continues to be one of the more popular models.

Mizuno running shoes have won many awards thanks to their continued dedication. The Mizuno Wave Inspire: the very first shoe to win Runner's World magazine's 'Best Debut' award. The shoe is also SmoothRide Engineered and was designed to reduce shock and increase flexibility as the shoe goes through the running cycle. Additionally, it is the ultimate in responsive performance.

When it comes to Mizuno women's running shoes, any one of these models is a good choice. Mizuno women's running shoes have a revolutionary heel-fit system. To make their shoes cool and comfortable Mizuno uses an advanced Intercool system. Their dedication to women and children is one reason that Mizuno women's running shoes continue to sell so well, year after year.